A Butler Builder®

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

In 1989, Elter Building Systems was appointed a Career Builder, the highest level of affiliation with Butler Manufacturing™. For nearly 120 years, the Butler® name has been synonymous with innovation. Butler Manufacturing™ pioneered the metal building industry in 1901 by challenging the status quo and continuing to deliver innovative and versatile solutions to our builders and building owners to this day.

Butler® building systems are engineered to exact specifications for higher-quality installation and better building performance. Butler® takes pride in the quality of products they produce, and we take it from there, adding value to the installation process for a better overall design and end product that lasts. Our partnership with Butler® spells the difference between a job done and a job done right!

Conventional Steel

We design, detail, and manufacture buildings of any shape and size with cost-effective, speed-to-market services.

Butler®’s single-source solution and state-of-the-art modeling provides endless design possibilities for your steel building projects. Rely on the Conventional Steel Services team to give you unlimited design freedom of conventional steel materials. The result? An optimized metal building solution.

Because conventional steel structures are highly durable and customizable, they work best for industrial facilities, office buildings, warehouses, aviation hangars, manufacturing plants, multi-story buildings, shopping centers, and sports arenas. In partnership with Butler®, we can streamline the construction process with a comprehensive structural steel package that includes design, estimating, detailing, and fabrication.

Heavy Structure

Providing inspired solutions for complex structures.

Butler® Heavy Structures fit the needs of nearly every industry, ranging from large clearspan structures such as sports facilities and aircraft hangars, to heavy industrial complexes such as steel mills, to highly architectural structures such as entertainment venues. The possibilities are truly endless.

From project management expertise and conceptual design to fabrication and delivery, heavy structure solutions from Butler® surpass all expectations. So if you’re building a complex structure, rest easy knowing Butler®’s high-profile building projects go beyond pre-engineered manufacturing capabilities.

Reroof & Retrofit
Roof System

Affordable options for replacing a leaky roof with a long-term weathertight solution.

Butler® reroof systems bring you many benefits. For one, they can be installed directly over an existing roof, eliminating tear-off costs and minimizing interruption to daily business operations. For another, they’re available in a wide variety of colors, including energy-efficient cool ones.

Backed by extensive design flexibility that ensures seamless integration into existing structures, Butler® reroof options include the Low-Profile Metal-Over-Metal System, High-Profile Metal-Over-Metal System and Slope Build-Up Framing System. Breathe new life into your property today.

Structural Systems

Offering unlimited flexibility with the most efficient use of steel.

Butler® structural systems can accommodate a range of building widths, heights, roof slopes, and exterior finish requirements, with options ranging from vast clearspan buildings to multistory designs. Offerings include Tier I and II Classic Building Systems, Landmark 2000 Structural Systems, Self Storage Building Systems, and Widespread Structural Systems.

Offering flexible options to support your business needs, Butler®’s pre-engineered structural systems are designed for affordability and fast construction. Get up and running quickly with Butler® behind you, whether you need climate-controlled self storage or a rigid frame for your indoor arena.

Building System

An enhanced approach to warehouse and distribution construction.

LogistX® is a true hybrid approach that combines the benefits of pre-engineered components and conventional components in one. LogistX adds value to the traditional warehouse construction approach, which includes full height, load bearing, hard wall; diaphragm structural deck; and TPO membrane roof.

Tap into Butler®’s robust history of innovation as part of the LogistX® building system, engineered to address the unique needs of warehousing and distribution facilities. Benefits range from cost advantages to high quality appearance, bringing you the best of both worlds.

Sourcewell Design-Build Construction

Get the quality construction you want at your desired price and schedule.

Sourcewell and BlueScope Construction allow you to finally get the quality facilities you need without having to go through the time-consuming bid process. Not only will you get your facilities built faster, your local Butler® Builder makes this process hassle free.

Our single-sourced delivery method includes both design and construction under one contract. This saves you time, money, and unwanted risk, keeping you in control of project development from the earliest phases.

The Butler® Difference

Buildings That Do More

Proven Building Quality

The difference is in the details, from the Scrubolt™ fasteners to the roof clips. Butler® building components are designed for strength, durability, longevity and sustainability.

Built-In Lifetime Savings

Delivering buildings that add value to your bottom line for years to come is a top priority for us, and we have industry-leading modeling tools to help illustrate your potential savings.

Leading Design Capabilities

We have the engineering expertise and technology to make virtually any building design a reality. Plus, our building systems are known for their versatility.

Pioneering Innovations

We have an unrelenting dedication to helping you build better through our innovations. Our flexible and durable building systems and technology allow for a streamlined building process for any building project.

to R&D

Settling isn’t in our vocabulary, so where others see limits, we see possibilities. We constantly push the boundaries and find solutions to building challenges so your building works harder for you.

Expertise & Accountability At Every Step

You’ll have a single point of contact dedicated to exceeding expectations in the most efficient way possible. Their deep knowledge and expertise will help you foresee challenges and deliver better solutions.

Let’s Build Together.